I am a big believer that your words/thoughts set the mood. That is why I love motivational quotes and words of affirmation.

I took the love language test a while ago; low and behold, words of affirmation is my primary love language. There's nothing like encouraging, supporting and uplifting words from your partner, family or friends, to me at least. So no wonder I'm a firm believer that they do work. The thing is you can't always rely on other people for encouragement or support... First off, you have to be able to rely on and uplift yourself. Now, this is particularly difficult if you are your worst critic. As I am, but not this year because 2021 will be my best year yet.

My word of the year is CHALLENGE... challenging myself, my habits, my lifestyle... Challenging and also essential to add TAKING ACTION. So far so good, It's only March though. At least I've made it further than last year, LOL! I have to add, I am the kind of person to keep trying; I do not give up easily. I might stop for a while but then give it a go later. "A while" - a period of time that can vary depending on my mindset. After all, it took me until the new year to get myself back on track soo.. we'll see how long I'll last this time around.

I would really be interested to know if you have a "word of the year" and if so what is it and why did you choose it?

To challenge my mindset. I have collected a few words to share with you.

1. I am a Masterpiece

This is something that God tells me. He crafted me uniquely, and I am a work of His art. I read a plan called fast from wrong thinking by Gregory Dickow during my quiet time, and he touched on this masterpiece thing. I quote "You are a work of art -  a work in progress. God is the potter and we are the clay (Jeremiah 18:1-6). God is working on you to make you what He wants you to be, Trust the Artist to make a masterpiece. Be flexible and adaptable. See yourself as a GOOD work in progress." This really inspired me. When I'm feeling inadequate, I like to remind myself that it's a process, and I am becoming the masterpiece I'm meant to be.

2. I dare to be different

This kind of ties in with the first one in the sense of one being unapologetically oneself. As I mentioned earlier, we are unique and it's something we should encourage.

Another reference from my quiet time; I read somewhere "In the design, we see the wisdom of the designer. Everybody has something but nobody has everything.", meaning we can use our uniqueness to help others, we all need each other and can contribute because we all have different strong suits. 

Also, the word dare in itself fascinates me and I find it so fitting. One of the Mirriam-Webster definitions of dare is to challenge; to perform an action especially as proof of courage and I'm all for it. I secretly wish to be a rebel. In 2018 when I was going through a personal struggle, I journaled I refuse to be shaped to fit in; that won't be me anymore. I am the rebel and will always be! Note to self: Let the rebel live! And to this day, I applaud myself for that; you know it's just that "why fit in when you were born to stand out" type of energy. That's like an ultimate goal of mine.

3. I do my best every day

This one has been a game-changer! Before bed, I can say I have done my best for today. Whether I checked off all the tasks I had written down or not. I did what I could. Sometimes you are just tired and need a rest. Take a break, gather yourself and try again. This is a tricky one though, you don't want to fall into the trap of using it as an excuse, for example, oh! I didn't get my tasks done, whatever... did my best and start using it to procrastinate. NO! that's not the point. This should only be used if you did try to do your best. 

There are just days when we need to relax and this is to say it's OK. We can be so hard on ourselves wanting to be productive all the time, but that just isn't the reality. So tell yourself you did your best and let go. 

I'm curious to know if you have ever taken the love language test; if so what is your primary love language and what does it mean to you? I actually haven't read the book, so maybe I should?! Also, which affirmation spoke to you the most?

Read you in the comment section down below.