The Overall

This gives me old school vibes, and I'm totally living for it. When i saw it down in my mother's basement, I just had to take it. It was anyways just collecting dust. I absolutely love the oversized look and love to pair it with cropped tops or with a sexy off the shoulder *rawr. 


The Black High-Waisted Jeans

Pants to the rescue. LOL! I feel like superwoman in this picture. Gots my power pose going on, looking like I'm ready to save the world and like a snack, let's be honest *wink wink*. My gosh! I'm loving it, maybe a little too much. Okay! Enough swarming over one's self. I absolutely adore black trousers. They are the way to go and high-waisted also, ladies believe me when I say you can't go wrong with a good pair of high-waisted jeans. These are definitely a must-have! Doesn't matter what kind or brand, they just have to fit right then you're good to go. These are from gina tricot.


The V Neck Cropped Top

It's simple, and yet I love it so much. You can dress it up or down. The low v neck just makes this top. It's from Topshop and Pearl actually gave it to me because she accidentally ordered two. Lucky me. Also pair this with a cute bralette, hm girl you can thank me later!


The Mini Skirt

Yaasss! I'm also a skirt chick. I love the buttons down the front and enjoy the way it hugs my body *wink. 


The Off-The-Shoulder

 As you may have noticed, I like showing off some skin and off the shoulders are the way to go. Plus the floral print on this is everything. This top is from zebra.

Those were a few of my favourite items. Which look did you like the best? What are some of your beloved pieces? What's your go-to look? Leave a comment or tag us in your Instagram post. We would love to know.