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At the end of last year, I was all like I won't be doing a bullet journal, it takes too much time, would rather buy an already made planner, I tried it and it didn't work for me and yet here I am in February 2021 one month in with a bullet journal. So what happened?! Well, youtube did. I had ONE video suggestion and I fell in love again, then binge watched a whole lot of bullet journal videos. Yes I'm guilty!

I also persuaded Pearl to do our spreads together. Anyway here we are and we would like to share our February set ups with you. 

But first let me tell you a short story.

January 4th

Should I really do this, no really, should I? Let me just use an old notebook, I have so many. But not like the one I need for this bullet journal. Ok I've been persuaded, let's head off to manor. Now I wanted a blue or green one, because I had this theme going on, which unfortunately I do not remember, all I know is I was excited. So I head over to the Leuchtturm1917 section, but all they have is ONE dotted notebook. A yellow one. I was feeling kind of disappointed and stood there for about 15 minutes contemplating if I should really take it. You know big decision and all. Then it came to me. Let me just change my theme... Oh the images in my head! I love it!

I created a bullet journal plan with my theme LIGHT. I wrote down what I want to doodle every month with a quote. February is a candle filled month with the quote "a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle." Since I'm not a professional doodler or artist, I get my ideas from the wonderful world of pinterest and just copy those. I searched for candle doodles and I just copied those or at least I tried my best to. 

Jennifer's February pages:February Monthly Spread CoverFebruary Monthly Spread February Exercise SpreadFebruary Weekly SpreadOver to Pearl.

To be honest I wasn't thinking about setting up a BuJo this year, until Jennifer sent pictures of her January set up and talked about her theme along with all the quotes she had chosen for each month. So for February we've both made a spread, I enjoyed the time we spent together, talking all things BuJo, what we like, don't like, things to improve upon or erase completely. That is what I love about bullet journaling, you can do as little or as much as you like, you make your own rules. 

I recently went through one of my old notebooks and realised I've been journaling since 2017. It's an on and off relationship, I can be excited and fully motivated one day, but fed up the next. Funny how I always come back to it though. So 2021, with the help of a theme, monthly motivational quotes and Jennifer's determination to pull this through, we'll see how long I will last. I know it's just the beginning, but who knows I might just make it to the end, fingers crossed.

Pearl's February pages :February Monthly SpreadFebruary Monthly To-Do's

February Weekly Spread

We would love to know if you are interested in bullet journaling or how long you've been doing it for? Seeing what kind of spreads you guys are into and all that good stuff. So definitely leave a comment down below. Until next time!